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Bradley Schirmer

Music for Oscilloscope and Eight Speakers

By Bradley Schirmer

Created out of the need to conform to the musical spaces available in Brooklyn College, this eight channel piece is site specific to the New Sonic Arts Lab in the newly opened Leonard & Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts. The piece is an exercise in transitions and subtlety of parameters through space and time using unconventional means. This immersive experience is a fusion of audio and video in a spatial context using algorithms and audio signals for all of its generation and manipulation. The audio dictates the visual content as well as its location in space. The speaker setup in the Lab is very peculiar and has four groups of two speakers fixed high up in each corner of the room. The audio generated by the multiple algorithms used consists of two channels, an X and Y, that are fed into a digital oscilloscope to create shapes/patterns that are projected on the wall. This system maps nicely to the two speakers in each corner equaling the x/y content of each of the algorithms. Another audio system is fed into the algorithms to create the spatial effect both visually and sonically.