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Robert Moxley


Feature Screenplay

By Robert Moxley


Peace and quiet at a failing adult store is thrown out the window when the store’s zany owner hires her sexually inappropriate son, who the calm, down-to-earth manager had a one night stand with.

Also by this author:

Kingpin (Feature)

A high school nerd’s dream of going to Princeton is in jeopardy when he’s denied financial aid.  In order to make money for tuition, he starts doing essays and research papers for money, but his business grows into an underground crime syndicate. 


Pro-Gamer (Pilot)

A team of professional video-gamers, against all odds, make the finals of the world championship in Squad Assault, a competitive shooter game. They must adapt to the pressures of their team president, their growing number of fans, and toxic nerd culture. 


In the World of Gullcrest (Feature)

The stoner who runs Quality Control at a video game company tries out a new VR headset, but a thunderstorm causes his body and consciousness to be sucked into the video game, where he must team with a valiant, straight-laced Knight to defend the capital city of Gullcrest from an army of beta testers.