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Jess Mazza


Episodic: Hour-long drama

By Jess Mazza


It’s the last night at Michelin-rated The Adelaide before it shutters for renovations, and sous chef Meghan Gillibrand has learned to cope with stress by drinking on the job. After she puts a napkin in an investor’s salad, Meg is scorched by chef Josephine Beck. In a drunken stupor, she rips into Josephine, revealing her own caustic side. Now blacklisted from high-end kitchens, Meg is targeted by Josephine’s old business partner, Leonard Bertrand, for a hostess position. She takes the job, convinced she can work her way back into the kitchen, but when Josephine dines with them, she remembers: Hell is working a job worse than your last.  (Episodic: Hour-long drama. Pilot RT 55 minutes, 10 episodes.)


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