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Jackson Salisbury


Feature Screenplay

By Jackson Salisbury


In 1848, Millard Fillmore was wrapping up his political career and planning on enjoying the rest of his life in his favorite place on earth – Buffalo, New York. Unbeknownst to him, at the Whig Party conference in Philadelphia, he was being selected as the vice presidential candidate to run alongside Zachary Taylor. Being the team player that he was, Millard accepted the nomination, and when Taylor won the election, Fillmore became Vice President. Less than a year later, Zachary Taylor passed away and Millard Fillmore became the 13th president of the United States, much to his chagrin. Now, the Presidential Succession Act at the time stated that if the President and Vice President were to die or resign then the Senate must choose a temporary President. However, at this time in America, the country had never been more divided and the Senate could not agree on Millard’s successor. Unable to resign, Millard came to the conclusion that the only way for him to return to Buffalo was to be impeached. He then followed the 13th President’s attempt to self-sabotage his political career. Each attempt Millard made ended up backfiring and resulted in him being more endeared by the people and respected by his peers.

Millard finally accepted his fate and lived out the rest of his term only to realize that he was up for reelection. With the dread of another four-year term on his mind Millard did the only sensible thing and dismantled the Whig Party.

Millard is a comedy and political satire that examines America’s past political system. This examination highlights some of positive changes that have been made over the last 150 years and unfortunately also magnifies how much is still the same.


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