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David Negrin


Original Drama Series

By David Negrin


The true story of reporter Jimmy Breslin and his wife, City Councilperson Ronnie Eldridge, defending working class values against the policies of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 1990s New York City.  It is the story of the unsung heroes of New York City in the Giuliani years and the best kept secrets of the infamous mayor’s administration.  


Also by this author:

My Tempest Tossed (Feature Film)

A relentless political reporter enters the New York City homeless shelter system, passing as a man to investigate the death of her estranged brother, and discovers the system itself could be as much to blame for his death as his killer.


GutterPunk USA (Original Drama Series)

A teenage runaway in Oregon is indoctrinated by three outcasts into the gutter punk culture of teenage homelessness, freeganism, and slacktivism. The four friends travel to Portland, Salt Lake City, Detroit, and New York City, revelling and enduring the reckless culture of dumpster diving, squatting, street philosophy, sex work, drug abuse, and police violence. On the streets, their desperate camaraderie endangers their lives and saves their souls every single day.


Tale of Ruin  (Feature Film)

A broken man enlists in a treatment program that uses paramilitary tactics and Eastern philosophy to recreate traumatic events in order to heal their clients. Just as the treatment may be working, the discovery of the true story of his wife and child’s kidnapping calls him to action threatening his recovery and the lives of everyone around him.