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Chris Insana


Feature Screenplay

By Chris Insana


After botching a robbery that leaves a cashier dead, Lamar King is sentenced to death.  Twenty-five years later, the day of his execution is in sight, just as the state of Arkansas runs out of its supply of midazolam – one of the three drugs used in lethal injections.  Unusual is a black comedy that follows two parallel storylines: Lamar, as he comes to terms with his impending death, and Michael and Nicki, two government officials who go to incredible (and frequently nonsensical) lengths to obtain more midazolam.  As both the moral and logistical problems of lethal injection continue to mount, the people willing to get involved in the procedure are far from competent. It soon becomes clear to all, except the people in charge, that this just may be a cruel and unusual punishment.


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