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Chris Culkin


Feature Screenplay

By Chris Culkin


While returning to the island some 40 years later, Howie reminisces about that extraordinary weekend on the Fire Island Pines back in 1978 when, along with his three friends, all with minimal understanding of gay culture, find themselves in this gay mecca while in pursuit of his ex-girlfriend, Hannah, who has just left him for another woman. This journey of self-discovery unfolds on this magical island as he comes to understand the true nature of relationships, sexuality and the joy and respect of individual expression. A fun, sensuous look into the history of the Fire Island Pines, this adventure explores a community where one’s personal journey is devoid of external judgment as the power of love and friendship free the collective soul and take our foursome on a journey that will profoundly change the course of their entire lives.


Also by this author:

Rainbow Bridge (Animated Feature)

When a dog finally passes on after 15 years of a happy upbringing, she finds herself in dog heaven, “The Rainbow Bridge”, where she learns that she’ll have to wait for her owners to pass away before ever seeing them again.  And in the heat of this new information she, along with her new friends who have also crossed over, decide to go back to Earth and reunite with her owners. 


Henry Haff: “I’m the fat kid at fat camp!” (Feature)

A coming-of-age story follows an overweight young teen, Henry Haff, who has always found his weight loss camp to be his favorite time of the year (and his life). This summer, however, his first time as a Junior Counselor, he sees his best friends (and his first and only love interest) have matured and blossomed into more attractive and confident young men and women. Henry thinks he needs to change to fit in and look attractive, when really he learns that beauty lies from within. 


Johnny Be Good (One-Hour TV dramatic comedy series)

By the dumb luck of finding a time portal and traveling back in time, Johnny McDoogle (40) has been given a second chance at life by being transported back into the year 2001, when he was only a 15-year-old freshmen in high school. Johnny has the opportunity to relive his life knowing everything he knows now, free to make the changes he needs to better his future… or so he thinks.