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Bilal Javed


Feature Screenplay

By Bilal Javed


A former undrafted and short-­term NFL lineman suffering from depression and a limp, Lamar Thompson spends what little he has and returns home to Detroit to bury his estranged father. Hopeless without a proper education and a damaged skill set, he rekindles a childhood bond that he was forced to break and becomes entrenched in the world of crime, prostitution, and violence that he once fled. Through his high school coach-­turned-­priest, his volatile but loyal friend Chuckie, and one of Chuckie’s girls, Tina, and her son, Lamar slowly finds a new lease on life until a dangerous drug trafficking deal threatens it all. Lamar must choose between double-crossing his best friend Chuckie a second time, or losing the only real joy he has in Tina. The new plan brings purpose and pace to Lamar’s life, but with it come the inevitable dangers of playing with fire.  

Also by this author:

American Jinn (Feature Screenplay, Genre: Horror)

Members of a middle class Muslim family, each struggling with, and hiding issues ranging from traditionalism and assimilation to sexuality, freedom and rejection of faith, move to the suburbs of Long Island.  There a malicious entity playfully feeds on negative emotions and actions, and propels them towards their hidden desires, yielding temporary euphoria and lasting chaos in their new community. Ultimately, the family must unite to confront each other and their inner demons in the hopes of expelling the one they’ve fed before it grows too strong.   


Lucidity (Feature Screenplay, Genre: Science Fiction/Neo Noir)

In the near future, a new treatment for PTSD where wealthy patients, with the help of pairs of a corporate doctor and technician, undergo an induced lucid dream to find peace, catharsis, or an addiction to a world where anything is possible. When Jim, a doctor with a tragic past, learns of the death of his technician partner, he must navigate dystopian New York and the minds of their wealthy clients, as well as his, to discover the truth about her murder, the corporation, and himself.  


Dirk Tango Tries to Save the World: (30 min TV, Genre: Mockumentary/Comedy)

When the CEO of wealthy pharmaceutical and weapons manufacturing empires discovers that a recent zombie outbreak is the result of one of his latest products, he assumes responsibility solely to protect his legacy, and maybe his family too.  He organizes a last-minute group consisting of his family, his famous rap star neighbor, an unknown videographer, and others wielding unique weapons and baggage as they hope to make their way to a secure bunker where the lead scientist can work on a cure. That is, of course, if they make it there, or don’t kill each other first.