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Sonic Arts Student Union (SASU): A Conversation with Faten Kanaan 

Friday, March 19, 1:00 – 2:00 PM


Topic: Art Practices and Creative processes 

Guest speaker: Faten Kanaan 

A Brooklyn-based composer of experimental electronic music, Faten Kanaan has developed a unique approach based around creating live loops played manually without the aid of samplers sequencers. Involved in New York’s electronic and synth scene since the late 2000s, she began releasing music during the following decade, earning acclaim for dramatic, dark-hued works like 2016’s The Botanist & the Archaeologist And 2018’s Foxes. Melding tranquil soundscapes with intensely cinematic horror film influences, Kanaan’s Music earned her a spot on the Fire Records roster for her fourth album, 2020’s A Mythology of Circles

Open to the Feirstein Community!


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