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Feirstein Administrative Office

Brooklyn College - Feirstein School

25 Washington Avenue, 5th floor

Brooklyn, NY 11205


Contact Us:

Feirstein Front Desk Phone:  718.237.3410 x.0

Feirstein General Email:

Feirstein Admin Email:

Feirstein Office Assistant Email:


General Info:

Get help with anything.  We can point you to the answer to your questions.

    • Feirstein Administration = Hours of Operation, Calendars, IDs, Accounts, Guest List, Facilities, Rooms, Parking, HR
    • Feirstein Academics = Admissions, Enrollment, Graduation Requirements, Recruitment, Faculty
    • Feirstein Community = Feirstein students, faculty, staff, alumni, colleagues: BC, CUNY, NYC, Institutions, Industry.  Announcements, Resources, Opportunities
    • Feirstein Events =  Special Projects and Events
    • Feirstein Marketing = Social Media,, websites, content, promotions


New Community Member Getting Started

Community members include our students, faculty, staff, temporary visiting students and professionals and guests. Here lies important information for those new to, or in the process of joining, the Feirstein community. 

Community Members Admin Resources

Only accessible when logged into Feirstein Account

Guests, Parking, ID Badges, Room Policies and Procedures, Offices, Keys, Mail, Supplies, HR Onboarding and Payroll Timesheets, Community Outreach (Bulletin, Community Site) Calendars, Students, Staff, Faculty Contacts, Feirstein Accounts

Visitor Info and Resources

Travel Directions, Guest List, Hours of Operations, Guest Access Privileges.



Feirstein News: What's happening at Feirstein.  Check out announcements and accomplishments from members of our community.

COVID-19 Resources

Feirstein ReEntry Requirements and Reopening Guidelines, Production Protocols, and New Ways to Get Access, all to guide us safely through the pandemic.


Feirstein Events, Hours of Operation, BC Academic Calendar, Room Reservations, and more!



Feirstein Academic Programs/Tracks

  1. Cinematography
  2. DAVE
  3. Directing
  4. Media Scoring
  5. Post-Production
  6. Producing
  7. Screen Studies
  8. Screenwriting
  9. Sonic Arts
  10. Production Workshops

Feirstein Department Areas/Units

  1. Academics
  2. Administration
  3. Chair
  4. Equipment Room
  5. Executive Director
  6. Music
  7. Operations
  8. Post-Production
  9. Production
  10. Stages/Construction
  11. Technology


Key Contacts

Who's Who and What's What



Feirstein Heads of Programs

Faculty Bios


Haine, Charles


Voelpel, Mark


Solomonoff, Julia

Media Scoring

Zalben, Jonathan


Christman, Sarah


Kliot, Jason

Screen Studies

Massood, Paula


Hernandez Anzola, Ricardo

Sonic Arts

Geers, Doug

Production Workshops

Lopez, Rick

Feirstein Department Area Managers

Staff Bios

Feirstein Academics

Academic Program Manager: Matthew Moore, 

Academics Team, 

  • Degree Requirements 
  • Course Descriptions and Syllabi 
  • Course Schedules 
  • Course enrollment, permissions, deadlines 
  • Recruitment & Admissions 


Feirstein Administration 

Administrative Coordinator (Interim): Vladlena Varshavskaya, 

Admin Team 

Office Team 

  • Department Main Office 
  • College Admin liaison 
  • Department Calendars 
  • Rooms (classrooms, offices, conference rooms) 
  • Access (ID Badges, Guestlist, 
  • Personnel 


Feirstein Chairperson 

Chairperson: Annette Danto, 

Admin Team: 

  • Academic Programs
  • Administration 
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty Workload 
  • Special Programs 


Feirstein Equipment Room 

Equipment Room Manager: Dustin Chang, 

ER Team, 

  • Packages 
  • Equipment Check-In/Out 
  • Demo rooms 
  • Production Class support 


Feirstein Executive Director 

Executive Director: Richard Gladstein, 

Executive Team: 

  • Strategic Management 
  • Advisory Council 
  • Industry Relations 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Special Projects 


Feirstein Music & Audio 

Audio and Music Manager: Angela Piva, 

Audio-Music Team: 

  • Audio-Music Technical Support 
  • Studio Booking (Web Checkout) 
  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Audio-Music Class Support 


Feirstein Operations

Operations Manager: Melanie Hill-Cantey, 

Operations Team:,,  

  • Department Administration
  • Special Projects 
  • Special Programs 
  • Marketing 
  • Community Communication 
  • Events 
  • Student Orgs


Feirstein Post-Production 

Post-Production and DAVE Manager: Pontus Gunve, 

Post Team: 

  • Post Technical Support 
  • Booking (Web Checkout) 
  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Computer Labs 
  • Post Suites 
  • Audio-Music Post 
  • Post Class Support 


Feirstein Production  

Production and Safety Manager: Keif Matera, 

Production Team: 

  • Safety Handbook 
    • Production Safety Checklist 
  • Production Class Support 
  • Production Rooms 
    • Stages 
    • Dressing Rooms 
    • Demo Rooms 
    • Green Room 
  • Production Insurance and Permits 


Feirstein Scenic 

Stages and Construction Manager: Paul Morse, 

Scenic Team:,  

  • Stages 
  • Construction Shop 
  • Props 
  • Wardrobe 


Feirstein Technology and Resources 

Technology and Resources Manager: Jay Kim, 

Technology and Resources Team:  

  • Equipment  
  • Facilities 
  • Software and Systems 
  • Tech Staff 
  • Resource Allocations (budget and scheduling)