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Screen Studies Quarterly


The Feirstein Screen Studies Quarterly serves as a space to showcase Feirstein students’ written work to both Feirstein and its surrounding communities. As a public graduate student journal devoted to featuring academic papers, film reviews, and current film and media events, topics, and research, the quarterly will publish new works four times per academic year, twice during each semester. ~3-5 works will be included in each publication cycle. Open to all Feirstein students for submission. The quarterly is hosted on the site.

The Screen Studies Quarterly publishes pieces written for both independent research and Feirstein coursework. We are looking for a diverse set of works from various genres and topics, including, but not limited to: women and gender, queer cinema, global cinema, transmedia, emerging media and new technologies, film festival studies, content production and distribution. In addition to academic-style papers, students may also submit pieces reviewing recently released media and academic books, exhibitions or film and media-related events. The pieces in the quarterly will not only reflect the individual student, but also the academic community of the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema as a whole.


Current Issue: SSQ Nov 2020 Vol. 1.3

Screen Studies Quarterly

Dec. 2020 Vol. 1.3

A Note from the Editors

We present to you the third issue of the Screen Studies Quarterly, covering social media, aesthetics, architecture, genre theory, and history! Our third issue's cover features imagery from Tetsuo: The Iron Man (dir. Shinya Tsukamoto; 1989), a provocative, aesthetically challenging, and intentionally messy film concerned with interiors and appearances. We hope you have a great winter break!





DEC 2020 1.3

Nov 2020 1.2

May 2020 1.1

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