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Zoe Fleer


Feature, Domestic Noir

By Zoe Fleer


Bella and Noah, wife and husband, kayak to a desolate island in Nova Scotia through a fog so thick the air is indistinguishable from the water. Their marital bonds are tested when Leona, Noah’s sister, shows up with her new boyfriend, Victor, a man from Bella’s murky past. As the vacation unfolds, the fluidity of memory, truth, and time cause the story behind the death of Victor and Bella’s mutual friend nearly a decade prior to shapeshift. They reckon with who they are, what they are capable of, and what really happened the night their friend died. Women eat. Love prevails.



Ghost Birds
Feature, Psychological Thriller

Guy, a young drone soldier eking out an isolated existence in Nevada, spends his days watching people. In an errant drone strike, he comes to believe he killed a child. His superiors disagree. The image is inconclusive. Reality and fiction blur in this nonlinear narrative. The story and characters are fictional. The cockpit dialogue is real.

Potted Borders
TV Pilot, Family Drama

Chef Thelma takes a job as the hot lunch cook in her kid’s elementary school in a small town separated from Canada by potted petunias. While a love of cooking reigns in Montreal, the American populus runs around in leg warmers fueled by Twizzlers and hot dogs. Borders emerge and dissolve in overlooked spaces. It’s the start of the American food revolution.