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Teri Rusike


By Teri Rusike


Danai returns to South Africa for Anna’s funeral with ONE goal: Attend the funeral and get back to her life.

Of course, none of this goes according to plan.

Guilt ropes her into agreeing to take a road trip with her former high school friends, Ayanda and Neo. As the women travel through the Eastern Cape landscape, crackling wine, regret and grief take them on a journey of self-discovery. This journey is particularly more complicated for Danai, when Anna decides to make an appearance.


90 page Feature, Drama

After the sudden death of her husband, Flora struggles to make ends meet. When her daughter’s education is threatened, she does everything she can to keep her in school.

Let’s Kick Charlie’s Butt
110 page Feature, Teen Comedy

Aspiring musician, Wanda, wants nothing more than to be in Charlie’s band. When she is rejected, she decides to make her own band and show him who really rocks.


Thot Life

Half-hour Comedy Pilot

Looking for a change, Dani and Chantel embark on a series of disastrous dates, each more ridiculous than the last. But hey, at least they have each other.