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Mikel Colson


8 pages, Drama Magical Realism, Supernatural Coming of Age

By Mikel Colson


Notorious bookworm and rising high school freshman Solara Acero-Calderón only has one thing on her mind: becoming valedictorian of her graduating class in four years. But this daughter of a Haitian bar owner and a Mexican restaurateur (with six half-siblings) often finds herself pulled into the tasks and obligations of running the family businesses in a changing, gentrifying Brooklyn, despite her trying to focus on her first year of high school. It doesn’t help that her new crush—the most popular jock in the school—just so happens to be her prime academic rival and the heir to the very same ruthless real estate empire that seeks to buy up and wipe out her neighborhood—her family’s businesses included.

Things really get deep when the family discovers that Solara is the next major bruja in her mother’s bloodline: a powerful line of witches come down from the dawn of time. Certainly, people need defending from all manner of evil—but Solara’s World could be a hell of a lot simpler. How will this ordinary girl cope with her life when she realizes that she’s not so ordinary?


To Gaze Upon Russia…With Love

Feature, Action, Adventure, Romantic Comedy

A young group of best friends—Navy Seal vets—are living the life in New York and looking for love now that their Russian terrorist archnemeses are dead…or are they? When a bumbling top-tier assassin loses his mind, returns to America, and starts wreaking havoc, it is up to our heroes to stop him—but this old assassin’s new insanity reveals much about the nature of love and sexuality.  Are things truly what they seem?

The Cliff

Feature, Adventure, Drama, Magical Realism

The founding family of a small, rural 1930’s Virginia town nestled between the forest and the beach must use everything in their political and magical power to defend it from the corporate and spiritual intrusions of the industrial revolution and the total havoc they shall create, spurred on by a man who will stop at nothing to subvert the power of nature.