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Ksenia Tolmazin

Russian Warriors

95 pages, Drama
By Ksenia Tolmazin


Ivan, 18, lives with his religious mom and nine-year-old sister. They sell homemade foods at the church market to make ends meet. The everyday realities are the state propaganda and aggressive orthodoxy, corrupt police and powerful mayor Vladimir. Ivan wants to change his life when he falls in love with Sabine, 18, the mistress of Vladimir. Ivan starts an underground oil refinery, which is a great success due to Ivan’s inventor skills and ability to take risks. The shady business challenges Ivan’s sense of just and conscience, but he balances it out by good deeds. Soon Vladimir learns about the refinery. Ivan has no choice but to become Vladimir’s business partner, while still being involved with Sabine. She realizes that Ivan’s promises to flee with her to China are false: Ivan has changed. Vladimir learns of the affair and severely beats Sabine. Ivan stays silent. Sabine feels she is betrayed and disappears. Ivan is in despair and realizes that his relationships with everybody he has ever loved are destroyed. Ivan sets the refinery on fire, but because the construction is so safe and solid, it remains unharmed.


Star City
95 pages, Drama, Based on a True Story

An ambitious woman entrepreneur achieves her life-long dream—a space flight—only to face the biggest challenge of rediscovering the meaning of her Earth life.


How to Start Your Own Business
20 minute TV Show

Russian Orthodox grandma immigrant starts her own business in New York and becomes a cam girl dominatrix to support her family.