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John Sullivan


TV Pilot (Full Length)
By John (Jack) Sullivan


America, the near future.

An authoritarian military government has come to power after a coup. Peter, a young, politically apathetic philosophy professor, is drawn towards a resistance movement after witnessing his students murdered during a protest. Meanwhile, his boyfriend, Theo, is revealed to be already part of the resistance, working out of his social work office. His supervisor, Larissa, is the de facto leader of the resistance. She begins to feel the strain of her role and how it affects her relationship with her young child. Milo is a police detective working as a mole for the resistance inside the government. All three storylines eventually intersect: Peter witnesses Theo murdered by police, and Larissa and Milo realize they can bring Peter into the fold by utilizing his rage towards violence. Hovering over all of this is the enigmatic, mutilated Camille, orchestrating events from a hospital bed.



The Foreign Teacher
Full Length Movie, Art House, Romance, Political, Thriller

After catching one of his students breaking into his apartment, Peter, an American English teacher living in China, begins a sadomasochistic affair with him.


Moscow Is A State of Mind
Full Length Movie, Art House, Romance, Political, Thriller

A young ingenue is drawn into the orbit of a struggling experimental theater company and their production of Chekhov’s The Seagull after the star actress quits mid-performance.