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Eugena McCrann


90 pages, Space Western

By Eugena McCrann


A veteran member of the planetary postal service, Cora, is tasked with delivering a delayed shipment of mail through towns dotting the sparsely populated frontier. At the first stop, she hears a rumor that the people of Bittering, the last town on the delivery run, have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Each town along the journey relays a different story about Bittering’s disappearance, ranging from mundane tragedy to paranoid superstition. None of the details match, except for the simple fact that the townspeople are missing. Her two companions grow increasingly reluctant and even afraid to travel to Bittering. They want to return home and report that bringing mail to missing people is a futile endeavor or, if the truth is insufficient excuse, that the journey was too dangerous. Not caring if there’s anyone to receive the mail, Cora convinces herself that the trip is meaningless if she turns back any sooner. She goes to great lengths—coaxing, bribery, manipulation, tyranny, and physical threats—to persuade her companions to press onward and see Bittering’s mail delivered.



24 pages, Comedy

The congregation of a Queens Catholic church attempts to stabilize itself after the arrival of a young, newly ordained, and over-enthusiastic priest.


The Beach at Mount Tom Road

81 pages, Historical Drama

Model and muse Charles Beach struggles to defend his place in the life of his famous lover, illustrator J. C. Leyendecker, amidst family intrigue woven by Leyendecker’s siblings.


Reverse Sweep

9 pages, Comedy

A young esports player debuts in a top league as its second female player against the outcry of the male-dominated competitive scene, its fanbase, and her team’s divisive and Machiavellian captain.