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Dylan Pasture


98 Pages, Historical/Supernatural Drama
By Dylan Pasture


In early 18th century Pennsylvania, a successful city lawyer is brought to a small village to defend a troubled young man after he is framed for murdering his brother-in-law, the local priest. The lawyer’s world is turned upside down, however, when the priest’s widow comes to believe she killed her husband through witchcraft.


Prove It All Night
103 pages, Drama

A middle-aged woman tries to find a job during one long winter in the midwestern United States.


Give Me What I Deserve
85 pages, Drama/Comedy

An Icelandic couple living out in the country try to restart their relationship by taking in a pair of rootless tourists, with disastrous results.


Tabloid News
29 pages, Comedy/TV pilot

A 30-something female tabloid reporter in L.A. finally makes her big break…But at what cost?

Night Creatures
55 pages, Horror/Drama/TV pilot

Reunited after 20 years, two former childhood best friends discover that they have no memory of each other — or of the monster they once met in the woods outside their suburban home town.