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David Etienne



By David Etienne


After being accused for the murder of a police officer, Jake decides to put a curse on five members of the law enforcement team (the two officers who arrested him, the judge, and the two lawyers). While locked up, he recruits the help of one of the arresting officers to prove his innocence before the curse makes its way to the officer.



Espwa (Hope)
Feature, Drama

After witnessing his father executed in front of the town, Louna decides to go for revenge on the town’s thug. When that fails, Louna and his best friend, Anglé, decide to run away from town in hope of finding safety.


Class of 09
Feature, Drama

With the pressure of his culture, father, and society, a young African American man struggles to make it through his last year in high school. When a new wrestling team starts, he decides to join in and use wrestling as a device to avoid dealing with his depression.


Welcome Home
Feature, Drama

After barely making it out of the destruction of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1920, John and Malik decided to leave the country and look for peace and stability in the newly-formed Republic of Liberia. When they get there, what they had hoped would be peace was anything but that.