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Cynthia Francillon

Junie and the Moonchild

60 minutes, Fantasy
By Cynthia Francillon


In a small community deep in Louisiana, an eight-year-old girl named Junie gets to witness the ascension of the Moonchild, a young Black girl groomed from birth until the age of ten to be sacrificed to the community’s God in order to maintain peace and stability. But when the young girl dies improperly from rejecting her role, Junie’s world is shattered and the ritual of the Moonchild is halted, destabilizing the peace.

Thirty years later, after moving to Texas and making a life for herself and her ten-year-old daughter Jamilah, Junie is asked to come back at the news of her gravely ill mother. But she arrives to witness the pulsing decay of the her Louisiana community as punishment from their God, and the desperation for a Moonchild is heavy. But the next Moonchild needs to be chosen by the last one sacrificed, whose spirit roams the crossroads. And when that spirit chooses Jamilah, Junie has to decide: Does she save her daughter or her people?



She Said Magic
15 minutes, Magical Realism

Vernice rents out a magical Airbnb in the woodsy depths of Long Island for a weekend, hoping it will inspire her to write a short story before its deadline. But while there, she encounters and is nurtured by the house spirit that guards the home from evil.

Deep Cuts
16 minutes, Drama, Romance, Music Film

Two old friends, a punk singer/songwriter and a spirited DJ/producer, rekindle their bond and spark a new romance in the midst of an unplanned jam session.

Nou La
60 minutes, Drama

In the West Indian part of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, three generations of Haitian women (wife Rochelle, adult daughter Vanessa, and pre-teen daughter Faina) learn how to trust and lean on each other after the patriarch of their family and beloved pastor of their community passes, leaving the women of his life behind to deal with his church and his shadow.