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Welcome to the Feirstein Community website for the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema! This is the home of the resources from all programs and offices at Feirstein and where we share what you need to know as a member of our community. Most of our documentation is restricted to only those with a Feirstein account. If you are a member of the Feirstein community and don't have your log-in information, email to request a password reset.


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When a New York City tabloid journalist’s story, about an elderly couple’s plan to control their fate by committing a double suicide, goes darkly awry, he is thrust on a journey of self-examination. Celebrity interviews, decadent parties, and quick-fix spiritualism don’t prepare him for a bizarre mystical ritual that sets the stage for a possible redemption at a perilous cost.

The Lucky Ones, premiered at theTribeca Film Festival in 2003.

Check it out!

LINK: The Lucky Ones on Amazon Prime Video

When a tragically-burnt coffee drives a barista past his breaking point, it unleashes a strange and unquestioned force… Midnight Coffee is a highly stylized absurd examination of work addiction and millennial post-humanity.

The film is directed by Jaime Levinas and was shot entirely in the soundstage at Feirstein.

Writers: Isabelle Platt & Jaime Levinas

Director: Jaime Levinas

1AD: Lindsay Calleran

DP: Nada Stjepanovic

Producer: Richard Levin

Editor: Andrew Aaronson

Sound Design: Noah Chevan


Sarah Christman is nominated for her directing in Swarm Season, an Outstanding Achievement in a Debut Feature Film.  

In the shadow of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea volcano, a young girl, Manu, and her mother lovingly breed a colony of bees. Meanwhile, as Manu’s activist father protests the construction of a giant telescope on the mountain’s sacred ground, a group of scientists study the landscape in preparation for our inevitable relocation to Mars. Ambitiously linking the earthbound and the cosmic, the intimate and the expansive, director Sarah J. Christman tracks these existentially fraught narratives with an acute attention to time, scale, and historical consequence. As her monumental images gather force, Swarm Season takes on a potent allegorical dimension.

Trailer: Swarm Season (Vimeo)


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