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Welcome to the Feirstein Community website for the Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema! This is the home of the resources from all programs and offices at Feirstein and where we share what you need to know as a member of our community. Most of our documentation is restricted to only those with a Feirstein account. If you are a member of the Feirstein community and don't have your log-in information, email to request a password reset.


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Professor Julia Solomonoff’s 2017 feature film Nobody’s Watching was recently featured in The Guardian as an underappreciated streaming gem to watch!


“A film which exposes the vulnerability of a life lived without a safety net, with no legal status and no financial support, might seem a little close for comfort for some viewers at this particular moment in time. But what the film explores, achingly and eloquently, are the existential implications of dislocation and isolation.”


Read the article here:

The Sloan Student Grand Jury Prize aims to help aspiring and professional screenwriters integrate factual science and technology into their creative work. Six leading film schools make up the Sloan symposium, with each school submitting one screenplay for consideration of the prize each year. In addition, the program consists of the Sloan Student Discovery Award, which awards one screenwriter per year from six public film programs with a grant and industry mentorship. The program provides these students with financial grants and curated industry and science mentorship.


Zoe Fleer (Brooklyn College) is the recipient of the Sloan Student Discovery Award for her film CLAMMING.


Logline: In a rugged fishing town at the end of Long Island, Bella conducts research on the warming waters that will decimate the local scallop population. Bella’s husband disregards her research and the scallop harvest washes up dead – just as Bella begins an affair with spirited local chef Celeste. Bella must now stave off the ecological collapse of her community and the emotional collapse of her marriage.

Read the announcement here.